WPY 2011

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Runner-up 2011

Behaviour: Birds

Jan van der Greef, The Netherlands

Wings of a gull

Jan first went to Flatanger in northern Norway to photograph white-tailed eagles. But he became captivated by the herring gulls wheeling around the boat. When he planned his next trip, he knew the picture he wanted to get. He crouched down low in the boat and concentrated on a single bird, waiting until it took off and panning his camera up with the gull, using a slow speed to capture the wing dynamics. 'The sublime, soft lighting,' says Jan, 'the gull's wonderful wing motion and the shimmering stream of water from its legs - for me, symbolizing the transition from floating on water to the freedom of the moment in the air - combined to create the ethereal image I had hoped for.'

Technical specification

Canon EOS-1D Mark IV + 70-200mm f2.8 lens at 115mm + 1.4x extender; 1/6 sec at f14; ISO 200.

Flatanger, Norway: latitude 64.4568, longitude 10.7654 Flatanger, Norway: latitude 64.4568, longitude 10.7654

Flatanger, Norway

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Jan van der Greef, The Netherlands

Jan is internationally recognised in his profession as a life scientist, as well as being an award-winning nature photographer. He has always been interested in nature, especially birds, and has travelled to many remote, wild places. His photography focuses on connectivity, capturing the essence of nature and the emotional experience. He has recently published his first book.

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