WPY 2011

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Winner 2011

Animals in their Environment

Benjam Pöntinen, Finland

Snow hare

Benjam always keeps his 300mm lens handy, just in case. And one day in March it paid off. Overnight, a storm had covered Lapua in thick snow. It was still snowing heavily, with big flakes. Benjam set out to look for short-eared owls, driving slowly and scanning the white surroundings. 'The thick snow muted all sounds, so everything was utterly silent,' he says. 'As I passed the hay barn, I suddenly saw movement. Then I saw the picture. I had just enough time to open the window, focus and take the shot before the hare vanished into the white. I knew then it was going to be my picture of the year.'

Technical specification

Canon EOS-1D Mark II N + 300mm lens; 1/6000 sec at f8 (+1 e/v); ISO 500; beanbag.

Lapua, Finland: latitude 62.9689, longitude 23.0071 Lapua, Finland: latitude 62.9689, longitude 23.0071

Lapua, Finland

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