WPY 2011

Photograph Details

Runner-up 2011

15-17 Years

Jamie Unwin,

Frozen in flight

It was Christmas morning when Jamie set up his shoot in his back garden. He had experimented with flight shots the previous winter and so knew what he wanted: '. . . a bird in flight, precisely centred with the sun top left, which meant that I had to take the picture between 11am and noon.' That gave him an hour to get the shot. He placed grain on the snow in a precise spot and waited. 'I didn't know I'd captured this great tit lifting off until I took the camera inside to thaw out. ' It was everything Jamie had been working towards - the only picture he took but the one he wanted - a spectacular winning action shot.

Technical specification

Sony A350 + Sigma 18-125mm f3.5-5.6 lens; 1/4000 sec at f9; ISO 400; Minolta 5600HS flash.

Kiddlington, Oxford, UK: latitude 51.0092, longitude -5.37322 Kiddlington, Oxford, UK: latitude 51.0092, longitude -5.37322

Kiddlington, Oxford, UK

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