WPY 2011

Photograph Details

Highly commended 2011

11-14 Years

Sander Broström, Sweden

Mist rising at sunset

Last winter, Sander was photographing at Höje Creek near Knästorp in southern Sweden when great banks of mist began to rise up. The sun was setting, and he knew he had the chance of a very special shot. 'Luckily I was close to home,' he says, 'because I had time to run back to get my 70-200mm lens.' By the time he returned, the creek below was covered in a blanket of mist, now lit by a spectacular sunset. 'What I really wanted,' says Sander, 'was for a bird to fly across the sky, but that was just too much to wish for.' But then, as though on cue, a cormorant entered from stage left, and Sander took his last few shots before the bird and the sun disappeared.

Technical specification

Canon EOS 7D + 70-200mm f2.8 lens; 1/1600 sec at f8; ISO 400.

Knästorp, Sweden: latitude 55.6667, longitude 13.2167 Knästorp, Sweden: latitude 55.6667, longitude 13.2167

Knästorp, Sweden

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