WPY 2010

Photograph Details

Highly commended 2010

Urban Wildlife

Chris O'Reilly, United Kingdom


The use of the car window was deliberate, as was framing the fox small, under lamplight - a street-walker spied on. He wanted to show a dog fox in its urban environment doing what a dog fox does at night: make his territorial rounds. The snow on the ground resulted in a freezing night in the car but acted as a reflector for the street lighting. Chris started photographing foxes on his home patch in Chellaston, Derby, nearly two years ago, when he realized that the improved sensitivity of his digital camera meant he could photograph in low light without flash. Now familiar with his local foxes, he can anticipate the time of arrival and behaviour of most of his street-walker subjects.

Technical specification

Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III + 16-35mm lens; 1/20 sec at f2.8; ISO 1600; cable-release; tripod.

Derby, UK: latitude 52.9225, longitude -1.47462 Derby, UK: latitude 52.9225, longitude -1.47462

Derby, UK

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