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Highly commended 2010

Animal Portraits

Roy Mangersnes, Norway

The art of balance

On the first day of heavy winter snow, Roy headed for Jæren, in southwest Norway, to photograph the snow-covered beaches. On the dunes, he found yellowhammers feeding on the remnants of wild rye poking out of the snow. 'I crept closer and waited until a few eventually came close enough,' he says. 'My aim was to create a simple composition with the grass, focusing on one bird but keeping a second one in the background, to add depth.' To Roy's amusement, his main subject had difficulty keeping its balance, 'stretching its wing out to the side for stability,' and adding an extra element to the design.

Technical specification

Nikon D3s + 70-200mm f2.8 lens; 1/2500 sec at f4; ISO 1250; Tc-14 converter.

Jæren, Stavanger, Norway: latitude 58.97, longitude 5.73311 Jæren, Stavanger, Norway: latitude 58.97, longitude 5.73311

Jæren, Stavanger, Norway

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Roy Mangersnes, Norway

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