WPY 2010

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Highly commended 2010

15-17 Years

Johan Gehrisch, Sweden

Chick delight

Johan was at Látrabjarg, Iceland - Europe's most westerly point - when he discovered a colony of hundreds of Arctic terns nesting in a field. This nest, nothing more than a scrape in the ground, was close enough to the road for the car to be used as a hide (had he got out, he would not only have disturbed the birds but would have been dive-bombed by the angry adults). The chicks were gaping hard. They would need all the food they could get before heading to Antarctica. Artic terns undertake the longest annual migration in the animal kingdom, spending the southern summer in Antarctica and returning to the Arctic in the northern spring to breed.

Technical specification

Canon EOS 50D + 300mm f2.8 lens + 2x converter; 1/500 sec at f8; ISO 640.

Látrabjarg, Vestfir, Iceland: latitude 65.5026, longitude -24.5317 Látrabjarg, Vestfir, Iceland: latitude 65.5026, longitude -24.5317

Látrabjarg, Vestfir, Iceland

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