WPY 2010

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Runner-up 2010

10 Years and Under

Will Jenkins, United Kingdom


One morning, when a big common toad lumbered onto the patio of his house in London, Will abandoned breakfast, gathered up the sofa cushions, set up the two family cameras and settled down on his tummy to watch. 'Toads are brilliantly warty and ugly,' he says. 'I was hoping to photograph it catching a fly.' He watched for an hour. Then, suddenly, the cat-flap rattled. 'The cat was too fat to get through, but the toad seemed scared by the noise. So I made a ramp with a plank so it could get back to the grass.' The toad took a couple of steps and then leapt away. 'I caught my toad in the air, and I love that. Despite being a little guy, his legs shot him a long way. He was so fast, flying like a superhero.'

Technical specification

Canon 20D + 18-55mm lens; 1/50 sec at f5.6; ISO 100.

Islington, London, UK: latitude 51.539, longitude -0.104963 Islington, London, UK: latitude 51.539, longitude -0.104963

Islington, London, UK

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Will Jenkins, United Kingdom

Will has been a keen photographer for the past five years (since he was six), spurred on by his success in several competitions. He also enjoys hands-on work with wildlife, assisting his grandmother, who rescues hedgehogs and helps at an animal sanctuary. He has recently started making films and has ambitions to be either a zoologist or a wildlife television presenter.

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