Adult competition | Wildlife Photographer of the Year


Earth's Diversity

1. Mammals
2. Birds
3. Reptiles, Amphibians and Fishes
4. Invertebrates
5. Plants

Share your outstanding images of wild species, from the familiar to the less well known, the widespread to the endangered, and the rarely observed to the often misunderstood. Submissions should focus on behaviour, action or portraits, depicting a sense of character, intimacy or uniqueness.

Earth's Environments

6. Underwater
7. Land
8. From the Sky
9. Urban

Celebrate the extraordinary diversity of the environments that frame the world’s wildlife. From extreme physical spaces to sublime landscapes, and from dramatic natural phenomena to the quiet spectacle of the commonplace, submissions should embrace wild or manmade surroundings and the life within them, illustrating nature’s resilience or impact on the planet.

Earth's Design

10. Detail

Reveal Earth’s rich patterns, textures, structure and forms, from an abstract or illustrative viewpoint.  By employing any image capture technique including macro, CT scanning, light or electron microscopy, submissions should expose the intricate organisation and composition of the world around.

11. Impressions

Depict nature from an artistic perspective. Personal style should complement aesthetic vision and in-camera creativity with submissions inspiring fresh ways of seeing or challenging familiar views.   

12. Black and White

Explore the world of monochrome, using the graphic strength and tonal range to challenge the emotive power of colour.  Submissions should clearly demonstrate the distinctive ability of black and white photography to emphasise the form and nature of the subject.

13. The TimeLapse Award

Reveal unexpected insights or surprising views of the natural world. Submit up to three multi-image sequences, lasting between 45 and 90 seconds, to tell a story, reveal unique behaviour, uncover hidden processes or portray a dramatic event that may otherwise be overlooked.

To enter this category, please upload a single image from your moving image sequence together with your caption information. Please submit your full sequence to us via to


14. Wildlife Photojournalist: Single Image Award
15. Wildlife Photojournalist: Photo Story Award

Investigate the complex relationships between humans and the natural world through the narrative power of photography. Challenging or uplifting, provocative or revelatory, submissions should remind us how our attitudes, decisions and actions impact the natural world.   

Enter photo stories of up to 10 images from which our jury will use its collective experience to select a maximum of six.


16. Rising Star Portfolio Award (aged 18 to 25)
17. Wildlife Photographer Portfolio Award (for ages 26 and over)

Demonstrate clarity of vision and artistic intent to produce an inspirational body of work. Submissions should portray a breadth of skill, while illustrating the passion, dedication, and expertise needed to create a consistent collection of captivating images.

Enter portfolios of up to 10 images from which our jury will use its collective experience to select a maximum of six.