About the competition

Organisers and owners

Who owns and organises WPY

Wildlife Photographer of the Year is owned by the Natural History Museum (NHM). The Museum also organises the annual competition and exhibition.

Natural History Museum and WPY

Open to visitors since 1881, the Natural History Museum looks after 79 million specimens. We are a leading scientific research institution involved with ground-breaking projects in 70 countries. More than 300 scientists work at the Museum, researching our collections to better understand life on Earth and the threats it faces.

Last year, we welcomed more than five million visitors who came to enjoy our galleries, events, educational activities and to see our scientists in action.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year is one of the Museum's most popular exhibitions. The Museum has made it the most prestigious, innovative photographic competition of its kind and an international leader in the artistic representation of the natural world.

Last year's exhibition attracted nearly 150,000 visitors and more than a million people saw the images on UK and international tours.

People come to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition to see the world's best wildlife photographs and to be inspired by the diversity of the natural world - an issue at the heart of our work.