Visitor app

The Museum's Visitor app displayed on a mobile device

Make sure you don't miss out on anything when you visit.

Our free visitor app will help you find your way around all our galleries, exhibits and facilities.

Available for iOS and Android devices, the app has English, Spanish, French and Italian language versions.

Download the visitor app for iPhone

Download the visitor app for Android

Navigate your way to popular displays such as our famous Dinosaurs gallery, blue whale and Charles Darwin statue. View up-to-date event listings including our special exhibitions and regular Nature Live talks.

The visitor app also has interactive maps with placemarks for all of the Museum's public spaces, including cafes, shops, lifts and toilets.

Find all these at a tap of the finger on the visitor app:

  • interactive maps with placemarks for all Museum public spaces
  • all galleries listed in alphabetical order and by zone
  • exhibitions and event listings and where to book and get tickets
  • popular displays
  • facilities including all eating areas, shops, information desks, lifts and toilets
  • ways to get involved

Licenced by the Museum for re-use under the Non-Commercial Government Licence v1.0.