Exhibitions at Tring

The Natural History Museum in Hertfordshire

Antarctica exhibition promo
  • 28 July - 6 November

  • Admission free

  • The Walter Rothschild building
    Akeman Street, Tring
    Hertfordshire, HP23 6AP

Discover the mysterious story of our ancestors, stretching back over thousands of years. Exhibition now open. 

This free family exhibition explores the lost world inhabited by early humans.

Inspired by 12 years of research by Museum scientists, it's a story of the changing faces and spaces of prehistoric Britain.

Specimens discovered near Tring will be on display, on loan from Buckinghamshire County Museum.

See the skull of the earliest known Neanderthal in Britain, and handle replica tools like those used by ancient humans.

Discover some of the incredible creatures that lived alongside our ancestors, including the remains of a rhino, the tooth of a sabre-tooth cat, and the leg bone of a woolly mammoth.