Exhibitions at Tring

The Natural History Museum in Hertfordshire

The Dodos exhibition at Tring
  • 21 July - 12 November

  • Admission free

  • The Walter Rothschild building

    Akeman Street, Tring

    Hertfordshire, HP23 6AP

See the world through the eyes of animals and discover the diversity of vision.

This free family exhibition is filled with light and colour, and allows children to explore how and why animals see the world differently.

See a strange range of animal eyes, test your own vision at the eyeball wall, and look a shark in the eye. Get up close to a huge horseshoe crab, a deadly box jellyfish and a four-eyed fish.

Understand how eyes process light and allow us to experience colour. Discover why vision can be fuzzy or focused, full of colour or shaded in grey.

This exhibition of shared discovery will encourage visitors of all ages to see the world differently and question their own gaze.


Creatures and Creations exhibition

See Walter Rothschild's natural history collection reimagined in a fashion and art exhibition at Waddesdon Manor.

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