Images of Nature

Marley C Moon's image of a peach, part of the Women Artists exhibition in Images of Nature

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See how artists and scientists view the natural world in 110 images from the Museum's collection in the Images of Nature gallery.

Spanning 350 years, historic prints, watercolours and paintings hang alongside modern images created by scientists, imaging specialists, photographers and micro-CT scanners.

The Images of Nature gallery includes a temporary exhibition of themed artworks, which is currently Mapping a Nation: The story of William Smith and Britain's first geological map.

This display celebrates the bicentenary of the publication of Smith's map in 1815, and tells the story of the first man to map Britain.

Star specimens and exhibits

  • four panels from one of the first editions of William Smith's geological map
  • the unique fossil collection Smith used to create his map
  • Roelandt Savery's famous dodo painting
  • a more scientifically accurate interpretation of the extinct bird by Julian Pender Hume
  • interactive screens, where you can explore lots of artworks
  • a drawing wall, where you can contribute your own picture

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