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All living things are connected, and the Ecology gallery will show you how.

Your first stop is the floor-to-ceiling video quadrosphere, which will show you the importance of water to all living things. Then, explore the different stages, and some of the major players, in the food chain. What links a rook and a bengal tiger? And how are fungi and dung beetles alike? Discover why population balance is important, and observe the different stages in the environmental recycling of a rabbit.

Star specimens and exhibits

  • an interactive ocean ecosystem display
  • a giant leaf factory that shows the process of photosynthesis
  • a demonstration of the way energy moves through living communities
  • an animated display showing the journey of a carbon atom
  • a model barn that demonstrates the interconnected habitats of farms

Gallery closure

The Ecology gallery will be closed from 29 February to be transformed into a new home for the Museum's Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition, which will open on 21 October 2016.

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