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The Museum's dinosaurs are world-famous. Meet the roaring T. rex, see the skull of a Triceratops and wander among fossils in the Dinosaurs gallery.

Explore the different time periods dinosaurs lived, sort the facts from the myths about why they died out and find out what our scientific research has taught us about these prehistoric giants.

Star specimens and exhibits include:

  • the first fossil ever found from a Tyrannosaurus rex, one of the largest carnivores ever to have walked the Earth
  • an Iguanodon, one of the first species ever described as a dinosaur
  • the skull of a plant-eating Triceratops
  • one of the largest meat eaters ever unearthed in Europe, the Baryonyx
  • an Oviraptor egg, a Daspletosaurus tooth and a Euoplocephalus tail club

How dinosaurs evolved into birds

Discover how the humble pigeon is a distant descendant of the mighty T. rex.

Access at South Kensington

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How to find this gallery

The Dinosaurs gallery is in the Blue Zone on the Ground Floor next to Hintze Hall. You don't need to pre-book to visit the Dinosaurs gallery.

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Map of the Museum highlighting the Dinosaurs gallery. Map of the Museum highlighting where dinosaurs can be found throughout the Museum.

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Dinosaur trail

Wander among fossils, learn about the first dinosaurs ever discovered and meet a Stegosaurus.

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