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Commended 2013


Gerard Leeuw, The Netherlands


Blue skies, white clouds and sunshine - perfect for a stroll along the beach of Ameland Island in the Netherlands, but holding little promise for a photographer. Then Gerard noticed the rocks - placed there to reduce erosion. There was a strong wind, and as he watched the waves smash against the breakwater, he began to think about the contrast between the wind and water and the solidity of the rocks. A long exposure - he used a tripod with spikes for stability and added pressure to minimise vibration from the wind - eliminated movement in the water but exposed something that he hadn't noticed when taking the shot: the movement of the clouds. 'I like the resulting simplicity,' he says, 'the different layers and the lack of many colours.'

Technical specification

Nikon D800E + 70-200mm f2.8 lens + cable release; 137 sec at f22; ISO 50; tripod.

Ameland, The Netherlands: latitude 53.4406, longitude 5.65877 Ameland, The Netherlands: latitude 53.4406, longitude 5.65877

Ameland, The Netherlands

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Gerard Leeuw

Gerard Leeuw, The Netherlands

I am a Dutch nature photographer who started with photography in 2009. My main objective is to capture beautiful natural scenes or create abstract images and impressions of nature the way I experience it. I hope to be able to show my viewers my vision of the nature all around us. People should enjoy nature and be aware how beautifull it actually is and that it is worth and essential to protect what we have left. I do not have any plans to become a professional nature photographer because I am probably not able to deal with the added pressure of securing a steady income. I am not connected to any agent and thus fully independent which (at least for me) lets my creativity flow to where ever it wants to go.