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Adam Gibbs, United Kingdom / Canada

The enchantment

At first, the broad strap of shadow on the shoreline opposite bothered Adam. He had hiked to the Enchantments, an area of lakes and tarns in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness in Washington, USA, and had set up camp for a few days. The plan was to photograph the waterfall at the far end of the lake in sunshine. Adam knew he would probably be able to find another, shadow-free viewpoint the next day, but while thinking about moving, the beauty of the overall scene dawned on him. 'The dots of autumn colour of the clumps of Alpine larch and the warm glow of the reflected light on the side of the cliff was sublime,' says Adam. 'So instead of wishing the shadow away, I realised it was a key element of the composition.'

Technical specification

Nikon D800 + 24-120mm f4 lens at 50mm; 1/3 sec at f16; ISO 100.

Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington, USA: latitude 47.5971, longitude -121.114 Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington, USA: latitude 47.5971, longitude -121.114

Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington, USA

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Adam Gibbs

Adam Gibbs, United Kingdom / Canada

Ive been a full time photographer for just over twenty years. Throughout the summer I photograph private gardens across Canada for four gardening magazines. The rest of the year I travel throughout N. America and more recently abroad photographing nature. While I do photograph wildlife my main interest is photographing landscapes and intimate nature scenes. I have always maintained that the experience of being in nature and enjoying what comes from nature far outweigh the photographs that I take. For me photography is an extension of the outdoor experience.

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