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Behaviour: Cold-Blooded Animals

Gergely Bíró, Hungary

Battle colours

A loud commotion in the undergrowth on the bank of the San Carlos River in Costa Rica caught Gergely's attention. He and his friend quickly paddled their canoe closer, and discovered two male green iguanas, in full breeding colours, locked in a violent battle. These dragon-like reptiles - up to two metres long - fight with razor-sharp teeth and whip-like tails during territorial disputes, and the action now was fierce and fast. Focusing on the twisting, leaping iguanas in low light was a challenge. 'I was trying to hold the camera and the big, heavy telephoto lens in the rocking canoe, as we floated downstream,' says Gergely. 'We were lucky not to capsize and lose our gear.' He added that awaiting them in the river were even bigger reptiles: caimans.

Technical specification

Canon EOS 5D Mark III + 300mm f2.8 lens + 1.4x III extender; 1/1250 sec at f7.1; ISO 3200.

San Carlos River, Costa Rica: latitude 9.81061, longitude -83.8506 San Carlos River, Costa Rica: latitude 9.81061, longitude -83.8506

San Carlos River, Costa Rica

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Gergely Bíró, Hungary

My name is Gergely Bíró. I was born in Hódmezővásárhely, Hungary in 1981. I always liked taking pictures but I started dealing with it more seriously when I bought my first DSLR camera. First I took pictures of my trips then my aim was to captivate the beauty of nature. As I'm not a professional photographer it took a long time for me to get the proper equipment which I always try to develop. My purpose is to show same memorable moments of my life to my friends and to those people how are interested in the same ideas and things.