WPY 2013

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Commended 2013

Behaviour: Birds

Ritzel Zoltán, Hungary

Seed selection

Near where Ritzel lives, in the Börzsöny region of southern Hungary, the fields are planted up with sunflowers. By winter, the seedheads have been harvested but a few always remain at the edge of the fields. Where there is a cluster of them in the corners, they attract flocks of tits - ideal for photography. On this occasion, Ritzel decided to use a panoramic lens and set up his camera remotely. 'The image was hard to visualise,' he says, 'and I needed quick reflexes and a lot of concentration and luck to capture the exact moment when a tit plucked out a seed.' He ended up taking photos over several days, experimenting with angles and lighting. But when he finally reviewed the pictures and saw this one, he says, 'I knew immediately that I'd captured the special moment.'

Technical specification

Canon EOS 7D + 18-22mm f3.5 lens; 1/250 sec at f14; ISO 100; in-camera flash; Canon G11 wireless remote; Induro AT 413 tripod.

Börzsöny, Hungary: latitude 47.9492, longitude 18.9483 Börzsöny, Hungary: latitude 47.9492, longitude 18.9483

Börzsöny, Hungary

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Ritzel Zoltán, Hungary

I got to know photography in secondary school when I was 15. Since then I take pictures about mostly nature, environmental topics and sociophotography. I changed to digital camera 5 years ago and since then I'm an active nature photographer. I make pictures in the forest, on the fields, in wet living areas from tents and also while simply walking. I like to make pictures about birds, mammals, macro and the countryside. Most of my pictures are done near my living place in Southern Hungary, near the Geresd hills. But I'd really like to visit further countries one day. My equipment is a Canon EOS 7D and it's equipment. I have won prizes in my own country and abroad too, but this is the first time that I'm among the best on this competition.