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Specially commended 2013

10 Years and Under

Lasse Kurkela, Finland

Wolf moment

Lasse is a keen naturalist and photographer, and the recipient of an environmental achievement award from his home town in Finland, and so the prospect of accompanying his father wolf-watching was hugely exciting. The location was a hide in the middle of a remote swamp area in Kuhmo, Finland, close to the Russian border. The trek there involved hiking through the swamp wearing thigh-length waders and carrying both equipment and provisions for several days. On their second evening, just a few minutes after his father had commented how the low September sunlight was perfect for photography, a male wolf walked into view. He paused just once to look around, which was the moment Lasse took his picture. 'Three nights was a long time to be in that hide,' says Lasse, 'but having got this picture made it all worthwhile.'

Technical specification

Nikon D800E + 300mm f2.8 lens + teleconverter TC-20E III; 1/500 sec at f8; ISO 4000; tripod + Markins ballhead + Wimberley Sidekick.

Kuhmo, Finland: latitude 64.1287, longitude 29.5203 Kuhmo, Finland: latitude 64.1287, longitude 29.5203

Kuhmo, Finland

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