WPY 2011

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Highly commended 2011

Behaviour: Birds

Petr Simon, Czech Republic

Racket-tail in the rain

Petr has become addicted to hummingbirds. One of his favourite species is the booted racket-tail - tiny, quick and a real challenge to photograph. He recently spent more than two weeks at a lodge in Ecuador watching hummingbirds, obsessed with getting the quintessential image. Each day, he watched the birds feeding, getting to know their routines - which bird feeders and flowers they visited and when. Muted light gave the best results, and this shot of a male booted racket-tail feeding at a bromeliad was taken in the late afternoon. Petr used flashes to highlight the bird's dazzling plumage and a fast shutter speed to slow its rapid wing-beat. The soft rain added a sparkling touch to the scene.

Technical specification

Nikon D3S + 400mm f2.8 lens; 1/800 sec at f5.6; ISO 3200; two Nikon SB-900 flash units.

Alambi, Ecuador: latitude -0.329594, longitude -78.54772 Alambi, Ecuador: latitude -0.329594, longitude -78.54772

Alambi, Ecuador

Petr Simon, Czech Republic