WPY 2010

Photograph Details

Specially commended 2010

Wildlife Photojournalist Award

Kai Fagerström, Finland

The house in the woods

The sun's last rays bounce off the old windowpanes, as though a fire roars within. But this old house near Salo, Finland has long been deserted. The roof has holes, the walls are crumbling and draughts hiss through the windows. Floorboards crack, and doors creak. But if you hang around until dusk, if you listen and watch and are patient, you may glimpse inhabitants, because when people move out, nature moves in.

Technical specification

Nikon F5 + 70-200mm f2.8 lens; 1/125 sec at f2.8; Agfa RSX 100.

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Kai Fagerström, Finland

  • Secret lives
  • Sunset
  • Yellow-necked mouse wakes
  • Raccoon dog drops by
  • Red squirrel keeps a lookout
  • The badgers at home