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Specially commended 2010

Behaviour: Birds

Yossi Eshbol, Israel

Homage to stilts

Black-winged stilts epitomize elegance, which helps explain why Yossi has been photographing them for more than 20 years. This picture is his all-time favourite, aesthetically but also because of the tender moment it shows. It was taken close to Yossi's home at salt ponds in Atlit. The stilts have learnt to nest offshore, away from predators, building their nests out of salt crystals, which they scoop up from the bottom. As soon as the chicks hatch, they start feeding, looking for tiny crabs and other small water animals. Here the mother has called her newly hatched chicks back to the nest at sunset so they can dry out and warm up under her wings, alongside the egg she is still incubating.

Technical specification

Nikon D300 + 600mm f4 lens; 1/800 sec at f6.3 (-1.7 e/v); ISO 200; tripod; hide.

Salt Ponds, Atlit, Israel: latitude 32.7006, longitude 34.9388 Salt Ponds, Atlit, Israel: latitude 32.7006, longitude 34.9388

Salt Ponds, Atlit, Israel

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Yossi Eshbol

Yossi Eshbol, Israel

Yossi Eshbol was born in 1950. Self-taught in photography. He started photographing wildlife in 1973 focusing on water birds in the marshes and ponds of fish, while working as a senior instructor at a Nature School of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel, Ma'agan Michael. Eshbol worked and taught about nature conservation and bird watching, and for years he also put rings on birds as part of his work. In 1976-1983 Eshbol spent long periods in the desert area of southern Sinai, as part of a research of the Nature Reserves Authority of Israel and also along the Sinai coastal area and their islands . He documented the breeding colonies of OSPREY and sea birds nesting on the islands and beaches of Sinai, as a personal photo project. During the years 1983-1985 focused on wildlife photography in the Negev, the desert of Judea and the Arava, in the framework of his work as a photographer of the SPNI. Since 1986 works as a freelance photographer, a writer for nature newspapers, lecturer and guide on photography in various settings: nature photography and schools of photography. His photographs are published regularly in journals and books in Israel and abroad. Involved in guided photography workshops in Africa and Northern Europe. Participated in many groups and solo Exhibitions. This past November presented an exhibition of "Wild Country" at the Photography Museum in Tel - Hai. Eshbol has won several prizes and commendations in the annual competition of the BBC WILDLIFE and the British Museum of Nature. He has also had four books published based mainly on his photographs, with a personal photo album "Wild Country", published in 1995. In 1987 along with his partner Dr. Uzi Paz the book “The birds of Israel” was published by Christopher Hlme (Publisher) Ltd.

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