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Biology AS and A-Level day

Biology AS and A-Level day


multiple locations

17 September 2015
24 September 2015
1 October 2015
8 October 2015
15 October 2015
22 October 2015
5 November 2015
12 November 2015
19 November 2015
3 December 2015
10 December 2015
17 December 2015
  Fewer dates . . .

Free day of activities at the Museum

Suitable for: AS and A-Level

Bring your budding biologists along to meet our scientists, take guided tours and explore our exhibitions at the Museum's biology days.

Our biology days are free and include:

-A facilitated group discussion with a Museum scientist who will discuss their research and then open the floor to questions to get students thinking about how science works.

-A behind-the-scenes tour of the spirit collection and its 22 million specimens.

-Free time to explore the Museum, including the Cocoon gallery, which shows how our scientists use the collections to help understand the natural world and protect biodiversity.

-A reserved spot for lunch in the Museum's picnic area.

Biology days complement all AS and A-Level biology courses.

Booking: call our booking team on +44(0)20 7942 5555. They will arrange a time for your Spirit Collection Tour and reserve a spot for lunch in the picnic area.

Capacity: 60 people in total (students and teachers)


-The Spirit Collection Tours run between 10.30 and 2.00 and last for 30 minutes.

-The discussion with our scientist starts at 12.30 and runs for 45 minutes.

-Students can explore the rest of the Museum during the free time between these sessions.

Booking Required
Please call our booking line on +44(0)20 7942 5555

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