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Science Stations: Science Uncovered

Science Stations: Science Uncovered

Special event

multiple locations

26 September 2014 16:00 - 22:00

Chat to 300 Museum scientists and visiting experts and explore the research they are doing on topics from deep space to our deepest oceans, from fossils and forests to forensics.

Part of our evening science festival, Science Uncovered.

Science stations will be spread around the Museum in three themed zones.

Red Zone: origins and evolution

Human Origins
Where did we come from? Discuss the origins of human life with our leading scientists. Plus, paint a cave, find a forgery and assess the evidence for ancient human cannibalism.

Explore the evolution of venom and the mouth of a shark, and find out how they all contribute to the tree of life.

Examine meteorites, find out how researchers plan to land on a comet, have a go at making a crater and discover some secrets of the cosmos.

Ice Age
Travel back in time to an icy British ecosystem, learn about the animals that lived here in the past and the secrets revealed by their DNA.

Experience the new ways scientists are seeing the world. Explore inside an angler fish and see how 3D printing can help visualise subjects .

From dinosaurs to dodos to starfish fossils, meet the ghosts of biodiversity past and find out what we can learn from them today.

Treasures of the Library
See some of the library's treasures and find out how they are used for study and inspiration. Limited library drop-ins will operate on a first-come first-served basis.

How to Catch the Flu
Get the latest news on pandemic flu with Imperial College scientists and a few special animated guests drawn by artists Steven Appleby and Pete Bishop.

Agents of Preservation
See preparators at work on a specimen and try replicating Archaeopteryx feathers.

Green and Blue zones: biodiversity

See species that live in reef habitats and some of the largest shells and corals in the Museum's collection.

Find out why the oceans are at the forefront of exploratory science, and learn about underwater imaging technology.

Examine insects, try your hand at extracting DNA from fruit, and chat to scientists who study the variety of life on Earth.

UK Biodiversity
Bring along objects you've found for identification. Get involved in Museum citizen science projects and try out our Leafsnap app.

Natural Environment Research Council
Meet some NERC-funded researchers to find out about their work on biodiversity and the world we live in.

EU Corner
Meet scientists working on cutting-edge EU research projects at the Museum and beyond.

Orange Zone: sustainability

Climate Change
From lichen to midges to microfossils, find out how tiny organisms can provide crucial clues about climate change.

Join Wellcome Trust Centres to make a DNA bracelet, test your cognitive ability, and discover how we are like fruit flies.

Parasites and Pests
See African sleeping sickness 3D-printed, find out how parasites can take control of its host, and sample parasitic worm treats.

Discover the journey a brazil nut makes from soil to supermarket, get to know the wild relatives of familiar plants and find out how alien crabs are threatening the UK.

Natural Resources and Hazards
Hold a piece of volcanic history, find out how we predict volcanic activity, and discover the ingredients inside our mobile phones.

How can bones and insects help us understand a crime scene? Speak to the scientists who piece together these puzzles.

British Geological Survey
Learn about the work of the BGS, from carbon capture and storage to monitoring seismic activity. And, have a go at making your own earthquake.

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