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Big Seaweed Search

Big Seaweed Search

Online activity

25 May 2010

Take a walk along the coast and help us monitor the effects of climate change and invasive species on the UK's seaweeds.

Seaweeds are easy to find and occur all around the UK coastline. There are a staggering 650 seaweed species in the UK, around 7% of the world's species, and they play a vital role in the functioning of the marine environment.

Scientists think that the effects of climate change and the spread of invasive species are starting to have an effect on where they are found but they need more information to be sure.

This is where you can help. Identify the seaweeds you spot on the UK's coast and tell us what you find. This will help researchers from the British Phycological Society and Natural History Museum to find out what is happening to our seaweeds.

The aim of the Big Seaweed Search is to map the distribution of 12 key kinds of seaweed that can be found around the UK coast. We hope to track how these distributions are changing through time.

You don't need to be an expert as our easy-to-use identification guide should allow everyone, from children to scientists, to take part.

When you get home from carrying out your survey, tell us about the seaweeds you find using our online system, or by posting completed forms to the Museum.

There is no deadline - you can send in records at any time of the year and take part as many times as you like.

Your data will be added to our online interactive map. As we analyse the data, we will post updates on what your records show and how they are being used.

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