Interactive film - Who do you think you really are?

Augmented reality brings extinct creatures to life

Find out who you really are and where you come from in our innovative, interactive film about evolution, narrated by Sir David Attenborough. The film is normally shown daily in the Attenborough Studio.

Sit back and take part in a virtual journey where you'll see a dinosaur and an early human brought to life before your eyes, thanks to cutting-edge technology. 

Experience augmented reality - the blending of computer graphics into real life - like you've never seen it before.

Watch this video trailer: Get a sneak preview of the film. See an early human and a tree of life appear as if you were in the studio.

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Award-winning achievements

Our interactive film has won awards for both its learning on screen and digital innovation achievements.

Who do you think you really are? Interactive film
Attenborough Studio in the Darwin Centre
Narrated by Sir David Attenborough
Duration: 50 minutes
Capacity: 64 seats
Shown daily at 15.30 and at 11.00 most weekends - arrive in good time to get a seat
Suitable for adults and key stage 4 school groups

This amazing 50-minute film will involve you in a revealing story of evolution from Earth's early history using large-screen projection, personal handsets and webcams.


Unique handset

Your personal handset is a window into the past. Take your seat in the studio and use the handset to interact with the film and:

  • see extinct creatures and objects from the film moving around the studio and feel their life-like presence, among them are Coelophysis, Homo erectus, and an intricate tree of life
  • learn how we are related to these prehistoric creatures, and even to bananas!
  • take a photo and project it on the screens around the studio
  • play with virtual specimens
  • take part in activities and challenges like sorting DNA
Take the experience home

During the film, scientists give you virtual gifts. At home you can visit our NaturePlus community to access these gifts and additional information, including augmented reality clips and forums discussing Who do you think you really are?

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