After hours

Visit the Museum after hours. Tour our galleries by night. Enjoy immersive science events and expert-led talks. Meet friends, eat drink and see our world-class exhibitions.

  • Science Uncovered jellyfish
    Science Uncovered

    Get ready for our free evening festival of science and specimens, as part European Researchers' Night.

    26 September 2014

  • Wildlife Photographer of the Year - Masterpieces
    Masterpieces - Masters of Photography: Frans Lanting

    Be inspired to see the world differently by world-renowned nature and wildlife photographers as they tell the story of their lives in stills through our revelatory Masterpiece series.

    22 October 2014 - tickets available

  • Wildlife Photographer of the Year Academy - Masterclass
    Masterclass: Understanding Winning Photography with Joe Cornish

    Transform the way you think about photography and discover what you can do with a camera at our masterclasses led by industry experts.  

    23 October 2014 - tickets available

  • Dino Snores for Grown-ups
    Dino Snores for Grown-ups

    Sleep over at the Museum and enjoy a 3-course dinner, a mix of music, science and cinema and free entry to our summer exhibitions.

    22 August 2014 - sold out
    25 October 2014 - sold out

  • The Trick Tour
    Night Safari - The Trick Tour

    An expert-led discussion about the scientific hoaxes and tricks played to deceive us.

    30 October 2014 - tickets available

  • Night Safari treat tour
    Night Safari - The Treat Tour

    Enjoy expert-led talks revealing some of the Museum's most special scientific treats.

    30 October 2014 - tickets available

  • WPY masterclass with Lou Coetzer
    Masterclass: Understanding Behaviour Photography with Lou Coetzer

    Learn first-hand how Lou Coetzer's award-winning wildlife and nature photography captures the natural world at its best.

    31 October 2014 - tickets available

  • Lates event

    Have a great night out at the Museum on the last Friday of every month.

    31 October 2014

  • Crime Scene Live
    Crime Scene Live

    Try your skills as a crime scene officer and solve a murder mystery at this unique event.

    29 August 2014 - sold out
    31 October 2014 - sold out

  • The Bigger Picture
    The Bigger Picture: Animal Selfies

    Debate challenging photographic concepts with established names from the industry.

    28 November 2014 - tickets available

  • Night Safari endangered
    Night Safari - Endangered

    Learn how scientific research can help preserve the endangered natural world.

    9 December 2014 - tickets available