Minerals Gallery

Of all the Museum’s galleries, the Minerals Gallery most faithfully retains Alfred Waterhouse’s original vision. Waterhouse’s low display cases allow an uninterrupted view of the decorated square columns, or piers, along the length of the gallery, as well as offering good display areas for visitors to view specimens.

  • Exhibition Road, at the heart of Albertopolis

    Find out how the area around South Kensington has become a centre for science, technology and the arts, and why it is so closely associated with Prince Albert.

  • Terracotta coelacanth
    Terracotta animals

    The terracotta animals seen around the gallery were thought to be extinct. One, the coelacanth, proved not to be.

  • Sketch and photograph of the top of a column in the Waterhouse Building
    Terracotta columns

    Find out more about the design and construction of this gallery’s columns, which are typical of much of the Museum.