Gallery highlights

Museum visit must-sees

At a glance, here are the bits no visitor wants to miss in the Museum's galleries.

  • Heat suit in Volcanoes and Earthquakes
    Volcanoes and Earthquakes gallery

    Discover the dramatic forces of nature in our newly-opened Volcanoes and Earthguakes gallery.

  • Treasures gallery
    Treasures in the Cadogan Gallery

    Explore some of the most exceptional objects from the Museum’s collection in our new permanent gallery, now open.

  • Dinosaur Gallery.

    Meet a terrifying T.rex, inspect dinosaur skeletons and sort the facts from the myths about why dinosaurs died out in the famous Dinosaurs gallery.

  • Blue whale.
    Mammals (blue whale)

    Discover a world of massive mammals. Inspect a blue whale, the largest creature ever, from above and below.

  • Diplodocus skull in Hintze Hall.
    Hintze Hall, formerly the Central Hall

    The Museum's grand entrance hall includes the Diplodocus skeleton, a 1,300-year-old giant sequoia tree, Darwin's statue and the coelacanth, a prehistoric fish still living in the Indian Ocean.

  • Women Aritsts temporary exhibition
    Images of Nature

    Marvel at some of the most beautiful, historic artworks and modern images of nature held by the Museum.

  • Creepy Crawlies gallery
    Creepy Crawlies

    Satisfy your curiosity about ants, hawk moths, termites, spiders, hermit crabs and 1000s of their relatives.

  • the Vault gallery
    The Vault

    Discover the stories behind some of nature's most rare, unique and valuable treasures in the Museum's Vault gallery.

  • Earth Hall globe escalator
    Earth Hall

    Examine beautiful specimens, including a piece of the Moon. Then take the escalator up through the giant Earth sculpture made from iron, zinc and copper.