A ceiling masterpiece

Look up at the ceiling of the Treasures Cadogan Gallery and wonder at the magnificent artwork called TREE.

TREE is a 17-metre-long, wafer-thin section of an entire 200-year-old oak tree, including the roots, trunk and branches, inlaid into the gallery ceiling.

The artwork was inspired by Charles Darwin’s iconic tree of life drawing. This was the first sketch Darwin drew to try to explain his ideas of evolution and it was written in a notebook called ‘red transmutation notebook B’.

Tania Kovats' TREE was selected from 9 other shortlisted artists in the Darwin's Canopy project in 2008. The artwork was commissioned to celebrate Darwin's bicentenary in 2009.

  • The tree-top branches of Tania Kovats ceiling installation
    Tree highlights

    See some of the highlights of the spectacular TREE installation in our slideshow.

  • The 200-year-old oak tree on the Longleat Estate before it was felled.
    The making of TREE (video)

    Follow landscape artist Tania Kovats on her journey to complete this fantastic art installation project for the Natural History Museum.