About Treasures in the Cadogan Gallery

See the best and the rarest of our collections in one space

Treasures in the Cadogan Gallery showcases 22 special exhibits chosen from 70 million specimens and artefacts in our collections and span 4.5 billion years of nature.

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Treasures is located in the Cadogan Gallery in the Green Zone's Central Hall (formerly the Central Hall) on the upper mezzanine floor, formerly Tree gallery.

There is an audio-descriptive guide for blind and visually impaired visitors, highlighting the objects on display.
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Walk through this inspiring and beautiful new gallery and discover our treasures. 

On the Origin of Species

World-changing book

Guy the gorilla

Guy the gorilla

Wallace's insects

Wallace's insects

Gallery interactives

Tactile specimen-object and digital display

From a rare first edition of Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species to the dinosaur teeth that led to the discovery that giant reptiles once walked on Earth, these 22 objects are the movers and shakers of natural history itself. They are displayed in atmospheric lighting on black granite plinths, accompanied by interactive descriptive displays.

Ornate stained glass windows adorn the Treasures Cadogan Gallery walls, and embedded in the ceiling is the oak TREE installation created by contemporary artist Tania Kovats to celebrate Charles Darwin’s bicentenary.

The gallery also features interactive digital displays, braille labels and tactile specimen-objects. You can download our complete audio-descriptive guide or access each exhibit's guide in the gallery.

Full list of Treasures on show
  • Alfred Russel Wallace’s insects
  • Archaeopteryx fossil
  • Barbary lion skull
  • The Birds of America book
  • Blaschka glass models
  • Broken Hill skull (rotates with Neanderthal skull)
  • Charles Darwin’s pigeons
  • Dodo skeleton
  • Dwarf elephant tooth
  • Emperor penguin egg
  • George Clifford’s herbarium sheet
  • Great auk
  • Guy the gorilla
  • Hans Sloane’s nautilus shell
  • Iguanodon teeth
  • Joseph Banks’ herbarium sheet
  • Moa bone fragment
  • Moon rock
  • On the Origin of Species book
  • Richard Owen painting
  • William Smith’s ammonites
  • Wold Cottage meteorite

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