Every living thing is part of a cycle between air, water, earth and the rest of the environment. Ecology explores these connections and looks at the place of humans in the web of life.

The Ecology gallery.

Discover our planet’s ever-changing ecology and find out why we need to connect with nature in order to survive. You can also investigate more ways of protecting the planet by using our ecology action email points.

The many screens of the spectacular video quadrasphere display.

Experience and explore the power of water in our spectacular video quadrasphere display. Water is essential for all living things – find out how the water cycle works to sustain life on our planet.

Taking a look inside the giant leaf factory.

Shrink to 8,000 times smaller than your normal size and take a peep inside the giant leaf factory. There you’ll discover how green plants harness the power of the sun to convert carbon dioxide into carbohydrates, producing the oxygen that all life depends on.

A Bengal tiger eating an antelope in the Ecology gallery

Carnivores, like this Bengal tiger eating an antelope, get their energy and nutrients from meat and in the wild must kill other animals to survive.

Recycle a rabbit display.

Nothing is wasted in nature. See how natural raw materials are recycled in the life processes of a rabbit and find out how the animal’s eating, excreting and eventual decomposition enable minerals and nutrients to flow from one living thing to another.

Part of the take less give more display.

It’s our challenge to work with the planet’s ecology, not against it. Taking less from the environment and giving more is the way forward. Our display shows you the things you can do in every sphere to help conserve nature.