Blue Zone

Wonder at the amazing diversity of life on our planet in the Blue Zone.

From the smallest invertebrate to the giant blue whale, let your fascination begin here.

  • Dinosaur Gallery.

    Meet a terrifying T.rex, inspect dinosaur skeletons and sort the facts from the myths about why dinosaurs died out in the famous Dinosaurs gallery.

  • Blue whale.
    Mammals (blue whale)

    Discover a world of massive mammals. Inspect a blue whale, the largest creature ever, from above and below.

  • Polar bear.

    Experience close encounters with a polar bear, a duck-billed platypus and a sabre-toothed cat, if you dare…

  • Women Aritsts temporary exhibition
    Images of Nature

    Marvel at some of the most beautiful, historic artworks and modern images of nature held by the Museum.

  • Porcupine fish, Diodon holocanthus
    Fishes, Amphibians and Reptiles

    Find out what was discovered in the stomach of a Nile crocodile, see how fish illuminate the depths of the ocean and uncover the secret of the Indian python’s backbone.

  • Human brain and spinal cord.
    Human Biology

    Listen to what a baby experiences in the womb, test your memory, and learn all about cells and genetics.

  • Stony Coral at the entrance to the Marine Invertebrates Gallery.
    Marine Invertebrates

    Learn how pollution and tourism destroy coral, the deep-sea secrets of the vampire squid, and what a fin whale roundworm does to its host.