Women artists temporary exhibition

Artworks by female illustrators on show until 2015

Every year the Images of Nature gallery features a different temporary exhibition displayed in four specially renovated original Waterhouse cabinets. 

This year we are showing illustrations by women artists that span four centuries. 

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Three species of jellyfish, by G W Dalby c1960.

Three species of jellyfish, by G W Dalby c1960.

The paintings on display show the work of more than 60 female illustrators from different periods, backgrounds and social classes. The women had various motivations for taking up natural history artwork, but for all of them, accuracy was essential.

Documenting everything from newly discovered species to common wildlife, the women artists painted for pleasure, to generate income, and as Museum employees or scientists. The displays explore the inspirations behind each piece.

These pictures are too delicate for permanent display so will change every four months, giving visitors the chance to see more than 100 paintings throughout the year.

The fourth and final rotation of artworks by women is on show in the gallery until 21 June 2015.

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Women Artists book

Women Artists book

A beautiful collection of drawings of the natural world by female artists, spanning four centuries.

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