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The Images of Nature gallery showcases the Museum's world-famous collection of natural history artworks

Permanent free gallery
In the Blue Zone at the end of Dinosaur Way

See how artists and scientists view the natural world in this important visual record of more than 110 images from 350 years ago to the present.

Images of Nature includes prints, watercolours and paintings by eminent natural history artists from the Museum's collection. Alongside this historic body of work are modern images created by scientists, imaging specialists, photographers and micro-CT scanners.

Left: Roelandt Savery's famous dodo painting. Right: Buddenbrockia worm cell

Roelandt Savery's famous 17th century dodo painting (left), and the nuclei and muscles of worm cells photographed under a laser scanning-microscope (right).

Look out for the Inside Explorer Table where you can peel back the layers of precious specimens recreated in 3D on an interactive digital screen.

Every year the Images of Nature gallery includes a temporary exhibition of themed artworks. This year we focus on images by women artists.

Enjoy the temporary exhibition highlights in our slideshow

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Women Artists book

Women Artists book

A beautiful collection of drawings of the natural world by female artists, spanning four centuries.

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