Human Biology

Listen to what a baby experiences in the womb, test out your memory, and learn all about cells and genetics.

Human Biology gallery - hormones.

You’re amazing – and the Human Biology gallery explains why, with all kinds of facts and figures about our bodies. Learn how hormones effect your body, senses like hearing and smell work, how our memories function, how blood does its job, and how the brain and other organs work together.

Giant model of a human baby.

Relive your time in the womb with the giant baby model – complete with a sound recording of what a foetus hears and a multitude of fascinating facts and figures about a baby’s growth.

The human brain connects to the spinal cord.

Explore the central nervous system, and how the human brain and spinal cord function through a complex network of neurones and receptors.

Human skeleton shows how our bones and muscles work.

Find out how the form and function of the human skeleton has inspired man-made structures.

Optical illusion showing how images can be perceived differently.

There’s more than meets the eye to how your senses work. The section on perception includes a look at how the brain and the eye work together, and why we fall for optical illusions.