Cocoon behind the scenes video

Specimens and scientists settle in

As the public flock to visit the new Darwin Centre and experience Cocoon, scientists and Museum staff supervise the latest moving in of our precious insect and plant specimen collections.

Explore the magnificent new building now filled with visitors admiring the exhibits and spectacular views. Behind the scenes there is hustle and bustle as scientists and specimens continue to move in to the Darwin Centre.

Biscuit tins housing specimens

Old biscuit tins to cool cabinets for specimens

Get closer to Museum scientists as they describe the transition from old to new surroundings. 

Learn how the specimen collections and scientists are adapting in the high-tech, light and airy cocoon building with its state-of-the art labs and specially designed specimen cabinets and drawers.

The final move of all specimens and scientists to the new centre is due to be completed in November 2009.

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