Climate Change Wall

Walk up to the wall and make it change

Watch this video to experience the Climate Change Wall

Visit the Museum's Climate Change Wall and discover a little more about how to change your own life to help protect the world around you.

The Climate Change Wall is located on the ground floor of the Darwin Centre by the Attenborough Studio exit.

Keep up to date on climate change

Witness the dramatic effect of climate change as you transform this visually stunning wall display of moving images and graphics.

The Climate Change Wall in the Darwin Centre

Approach the wall, colours and images change

Approach the wall, see it change

The 12m-wide interactive wall of screens show 100s of images and films about the beauty and diversity of the natural world. 

As you approach or move past the wall, it responds to your presence with a dramatic transformation of colour, light and sound.

Watch the colours and images change to show the consequences of human impact on our climate. See ice melt, vegetation thrive, oceans surge, then land dry out, forests flame red, and animals disappear.

Touch screens to find out more
A woman touching the Climate Change Wall

Touch panels, find out facts

Touch some of the image panels and view examples of climate change and Museum research in this field. Learn about the impact of climate change on British dragonfly distribution, research into the extinction of woolly mammoths 10,000 years ago, and discover more about the threat to arctic species today. 

As you leave the display, we hope you will understand a little more about how to change your own life and help protect the natural world around you.

Keep up to date on climate change

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