Attenborough Studio

The Attenborough Studio is on the Darwin Centre's ground floor.

Entrance is free
Booking required for school groups, evening events and some weekend Nature Live talks.
Capacity: 64 seated places

Visitors should arrive early for events as seats are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. For specific access requirements, telephone +44 (0)20 7942 5000.

Explore some Attenborough Studio highlights in our slideshow

Find out about Attenborough Studio events

The Attenborough Studio is a high-tech audio-visual venue for exciting events, spectacular shows and fascinating films about all aspects of life on Earth and scientific discovery.

Studio sessions take place during the week, weekends and some evenings. Some are open to everyone, others only for school groups.

Our popular Nature Live talks take place in the Attenborough Studio. The state-of-the-art studio facilities make this an amazing venue to participate in talks and discussions. 
Nature Live talks in What's on

Animal Vision show

Iguana in the live Animal Vision show

Meet scientists and join in the debate

Join in discussions, debates and shows like the Animal Vision family show. Meet scientists and get insights into their work. Watch film footage of fieldwork. Explore controversial and provocative themes in surprising ways. Handle live specimens if you dare! Our free Animal Vision family shows take place at the weekend.

Drop in to watch exciting films

In between the studio’s daily talks, shows and events, join the Museum's latest interactive film, Who do you think you really are? or one of 3 short 15-minute films made with the BBC Natural History Unit:

David Attenborough short film

Sir David's best bits


  • David Attenborough: Life on Camera, a captivating documentary celebrating Attenborough’s achievements with clips from his many BBC series;
  • Nature through the Lens, a documentary marking key breakthroughs in wildlife film-making, featuring stunning imagery;
  • Wildscapes, a spectacular multi-screen film showing amazing high-definition footage of 3 different habitats in the ocean, African plains and the Arctic and Antarctic.

Films are free. Check films' daily showing times online or on the day at the Darwin Centre welcome area.

School activities

An exciting programme of learning activities and events from school groups takes place from 15 September 2009.

Learning activities for schools in the Attenborough Studio


The Attenborough Studio is supported by the Rufford Maurice Laing Foundation

Nature Live in the Attenborough Studio 
Dracula fish

Giant squid, Dracula fish, ammonites, extinction, and parasitic species are just some of the subjects of our daily Nature Live talks in the Attenborough Studio. 

Find out more about Nature Live

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