Attenborough Studio highlights

Find out more about the Attenborough Studio’s exciting programme of events in our highlights slideshow. Enjoy Nature Live informal talks, Animal Vision family shows and captivating short films, all in this fantastic space. it's an unmissable part of the Darwin Centre experience.

Find out about Attenborough Studio events

Attenborough Studio event

Step into a high-tech, atmospheric seated theatre with state-of-the-art audio-visual facilities. Join in a Nature Live talk with Museum science staff, or get the chance to handle live animals and specimens at a family show like Animal Vision. Or pop in and catch one of 3 amazing short films. Booking is required for some events.

Scientists answering questions from the audience during a Nature Live talk

Our popular Nature Live talks happen daily at 14.30, 12.30 and 14.30 at weekends and school holidays. Join Museum experts to explore, discover and discuss the natural world and our place within it. From giant squid to plants that bite and human origins, this is the place to come if you're a nature enthusiast or just interested in the world around you.

A scientist giving a demonstration with a tree in a Nature Live talk

Meet Museum scientists and curators like botanist Mark Spencer who share their knowledge and experiences using live specimens, scientific tools of the trade, props and film. Here Mark seems to be demonstrating the little-known practice of tree dancing but is actually showing off an invasive plant - the tree of heaven!

One of our scientists takes a question from the audience

Speak up! Audience participation is an essential part of our Nature Live talks and other studio activities. At our events for families and adults, everyone is welcome and encouraged to join in.

Specimen image dummy

Show no fear. Could you hold a python or extremely hairy tarantula? In some family shows and school events like Animal Vision visitors are invited to handle live specimens in demonstrations. In the Attenborough Studio, several big screens enlarge the action at the centre stage for the audience.

David Attenborough and frog

Celebrate David Attenborough’s achievements in Life on Camera, one of three15-minute documentary nature films showing in the studio each day. In Life on Camera, enjoy many clips from Sir David's landmark BBC series. Narrated by Simon King. Image © BBC.

Nature through the Lens short film

Go back in time from black and white to colour as you watch Nature through the Lens. Featuring stunning close-ups of insects and extraordinary time-lapse photography, this fascinating 15-minute documentary marks key breakthroughs in wildlife film-making over the past 100 years. Narrated by Simon King. Image © BBC.

Ambient film image

Immerse yourself in the spectacular multiscreen film experience of Wildscapes. Shown across the 5 large studio screens, experience 3 contrasting habitats in the chill of Ice (Arctic and Antarctic footage), the heat of the African plains and the depths of the oceans. The film runs for 15 minutes. Image © BBC.

Interactive film in the Attenborough Studio

Sit back and take part in a virtual journey where you'll see a dinosaur and an early human brought to life before your eyes, thanks to cutting-edge technology. This amazing 45-minute interactive film, Who do you think you really are? will involve you in a revealing story of evolution from Earth's early history using large-screen projection, personal handsets and webcams.