Science Uncovered at Tring

See specimens, meet curators and find out about the science that goes on behind the scenes at this incredible open evening on 26 September 2014. 

Science Uncovered at Tring
26 September 2014
Free event
Most suitable for adults and children aged 14+

In the marquee

Quadrangle bar

Have a drink while you enjoy presentations by Museum scientists. Enjoy Tring Brewery beers, local ciders, wine and soft drinks from our pop-up bar.

Passenger pigeon

Passenger pigeon

Scientists on stage

(30-minute presentations)

A hundred years ago today: the extinction of the passenger pigeon
How could a bird that once formed flocks of millions be completely wiped out in a few decades? Discover an incredible extinction story, and find out whether current DNA research might bring the species back.

The most perfect thing in the universe
Exquisitely adapted for their function, eggs are masterpieces of beauty, utility and strength. Learn about our collection of birds' eggs and the key research that goes on behind the scenes.   

Rothschild’s unknown collection
Get an insight into a remarkable and rare part of Walter Rothschild original collection - bird hybrids and colour aberrations. Museum scientists are uncovering the scale and significance of these weird and wonderful specimens.

The Rothschild Library: yesterday, today and tomorrow
Discover the treasures of our library collection and find out how this internationally important library is used by curators, scientists, and researchers from all over the world.

Gallery 2

Live from London

Talks and presentations streamed live from the Science Uncovered event at the Museum in South Kensington. Details and times will be posted outside the gallery on the night.

Gallery 5

Science stations

Sparrow in my salad
Whether a bird is contaminating food, blocking an aircraft engine, decorating the dresses of Queen Elizabeth I or part of a consignment confiscated by customs, find out what clues we use to identify the species involved.

Behind the scenes at the Museum
Drop by the displays to explore in more detail the work that goes on behind the scenes and chat to Museum scientists.

Under the microscope

Under the microscope

Get stuffed
Watch taxidermy in action to find out what it takes to produce life-like and scientifically accurate specimens for museums and research collections.

Biology under the microscope
Join members of the Society of Biology to find out about biology-based careers. Challenge yourself with activities exploring the building blocks of life and discover the exciting potential of biology today.

Gallery tours for grown-ups

Discover the secrets behind the specimens on display. Pick up a free copy of our gallery tour at the main entrance.

Science Uncovered at Tring is part of European Researchers' Night.

Find out what's on at Science Uncovered at the Natural History Museum, London.

Supported by

Science Uncovered is funded by the European Commission's Research and Innovation Framework Programme H2020 (2014-2020) by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions, Directorate-General for Education and Culture, European Commission under Grant Agreement No. 633216.

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