Gallery 5

Antelope, cattle, deer, goats, hippopotamuses, marine mammals, pigs and sheep

This gallery includes a large collection of deer and antelope, as well as some interesting specimens from the pig family. Some of these animals are now endangered species.

European bison

The European bison is the heaviest land animal in Europe, weighing up to 1,000 kilogrammes. Extinct in the 1920s, apart from in zoos and parks, these animals have since been successfully reintroduced to the wild in Poland.


The okapi was first identified as a distinct species in 1901. Before this time okapi had rarely been seen and were thought of as forest-dwelling zebra because of their striped hind quarters.

Pygmy hog

The tiny and endangered pygmy hog is now found only in Assam in Northwest India, in dense, tall grassland, where it feeds on vegetation and insects.


The saiga is an antelope with an inflated bulbous nose. Its nose filters out airborne dust during summer migrations and heats the air before it reaches the lungs during icy winters. Saiga are now endangered by poaching in their native Central Asia.

Lord Derbys eland

The massive Lord Derby’s eland is an antelope that lives in open forest and savannah in south-western Sudan, the Central African Republic and Senegal.