Our workshops, activity sheets and guidance for teachers are tied closely to the National Curriculum and make education fun for everyone. If you are leading a school group, you can use our information sheets to run self-guided tours.

Children can ponder their own place within the natural world through hands-on interactives in the Discovery Room.

The beautiful wildlife meadow is the perfect environment to explore the local flora and fauna. You can eat your packed lunch here or in the indoor and outdoor picnic areas.

  • Cichlid from the family of perch-like fishes
    Planning a school visit to Tring

    The Museum has a lot to offer visitors on school trips. Find essential details to help you organise your trip, together with booking information.

  • Clown beetle specimen from the family Histeridae.

    Regular free workshops are linked to the Science and History curriculum at Key Stage 1 and 2.

  • Bullfinch flying
    Activity sheets

    Download free curriculum-linked activity sheets to enrich school visits.

  • Self-guided tours
    Self-guided tours

    Information sheets are linked to the curriculum at Key Stage 2 and are for use by teachers guiding school groups.

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