Family Festival BioBlitz


Come and join our scientists at the Museum and help us to carry out a real scientific survey known as a bioblitz.

At a glance

Work with scientists and naturalists to survey wildlife.

Type of activity: Outdoors

Who can take part? Everyone

When? Thurs 25 October, 11.00-16.30

Where? NHM Wildlife Garden

How long will it take? Participate for as long as you’d like

Cost: Free

A bioblitz is a race against time to discover as many species of plants, animals and fungi as possible in a set location and over a set time frame.

Our bioblitz will be occurring as part of a larger Family Festival taking place at the Museum, the festival will feature a range of free wildlife themed activities for families and adults.

Our bioblitz will involve scientists, students, naturalists and other members of the public working together to create a snapshot of the variety of life to be found in the Museum Wildlife Garden.

The event provides a great opportunity for young people and other members of the public to learn alongside experts, and share and develop their enthusiasm for nature. 

Run your own bioblitz

Interested in putting together your own bioblitz event? Then download our handy guide to running a BioBlitz PDF (3.4MB)