The Museum is evolving

Learning Fund

Invest in the Evolution Campaign's Learning Fund to support:an innovative Learning Centre to inspire future generations of scientists.


Developing our learning programme

The Museum is already a gateway for journeys of discovery of nature, through our galleries and learning programmes and continuing into schools and homes. 

The Learning Fund supports our ability to inspire passion for the natural world, fostering knowledge in the wider community through innovative displays and dedicated, cutting-edge learning spaces. We want to make the Museum a place of constant reference in a lifetime of exploration.

The Learning Centre will include:

  • two flexible learning spaces: enabling a range of learning activities for varied audiences and learning styles. The range of activities offered in the flexible spaces will include handling specimens, group discussion, team work, observation, comparison, and problem-solving
  • a show space: featuring participative and immersive shows for up to 100 people. The shows will communicate scientific concepts in a practical, fun way. Large props, models, audio visuals or puppets will be used
  • a learning lab: with structured investigations in the lab exploring the nature of experimentation and investigations of the natural world, encouraging students to develop key skills and take part in scientific processes
  • an enhanced school reception area: enabling the Museum to increase the number of school visits
  • e-learning facilities: creating a ‘virtuous’ circle of learning from the Museum to the school classroom and beyond.