The Museum is evolving

Heritage Fund

Invest in the Evolution Campaign's Heritage Fund to support a much-needed revitalisation of the iconic Hintze Hall (formerly the Central Hall).


Preserving our heritage

Our magnificent Grade One listed building is a temple of nature, communicating a sense of wonder and awe. It is vital we preserve and enhance this iconic physical legacy for future generations. 

The Museum now needs to update the displays in the Hintze Hall. Refurbishment will allow us to exhibit our star specimens, both familiar and unfamiliar, in stunning new cases. Specimens will be chosen to demonstrate great visual variety, showcasing the wide-ranging work of the Museum and a variety of scientific themes.

The Hintze Hall project will enable us to:

  • house some of our most spectacular specimens in a new ‘Treasure House’, positioned at the top of the central staircase. The items on display will be chosen because of their outstanding value – either scientific, financial, or both
  • install new displays in the 8 alcoves or ‘Wonder Bays’ on the ground floor to reveal more of the architecture and make the specimens easier to view
  • develop new exhibitions on the first floor balconies to provide thematic continuity with the ground floor and re-establish the beautiful architectural balance of the whole hall.