Evolve issue 18

Evolve issue 18

Published quarterly
Issue 18 Winter 2014 out now

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Evolve magazine gives you an insight into the natural world and the work of the Museum in the UK and around the world. It features interviews, exhibition news, events for your diary and some of the essential research done by our five science departments.

Issue 18

Evolve issue 18 journeys through time to meet our ancient relatives in a preview of the Museum's upcoming exhibition Britain: One Million Years of the Human Story. Discover how people, their environment and the British landscape have evolved over time.

We investigate the revised timeline for the origin of ancient Egypt, and mark the centenary of the outbreak of World War One with a look at the Museum's war effort on the front line and at home.

Celebrate the opening of our new Volcanoes and Earthquakes gallery with a look at the forces that shape the Earth and the human risk they pose. 

Find out about colour abnormalities in birds and how a young sculptor immortalised Alfred Russel Wallace.

Finally, palaeolithic archaeologist Nick Ashton explains how he is inspired by the Museum.

Regular features
  • Forgotten naturalists: we take a look at men and women who made their mark in the scientific and natural world through skill, determination and by overcoming the odds.
  • Science in the field: we reveal the latest research carried out by scientists worldwide.
  • Inside story: our scientists take the hot seat to discuss their work at the cutting-edge of the natural sciences.
  • Wildlife Garden: we unearth the diversity of the flora and fauna in the Museum's tranquil urban oasis.

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