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The Museum is a powerhouse of scientific enquiry and a voice of authority on the natural world. More than 300 scientists work here and their research impacts on vital global issues affecting life and the environment. 

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There are crises ahead. Natural resources are diminishing at an alarming rate, putting ecosystems that we rely on under increasing stress. Together with the explosion of global population, this poses major problems for us all: declining food sources, emergence of new diseases and a depletion of the elements upon which new technology is based.

Our scientists are working to solve these problems. Their research includes:

  • Studying Madagascan tree ferns to find out how climate change affects the world’s precious rainforest.
  • Sending scientists deep into the ocean to understand how this important ecosystem is affected by environmental change.
  • Identifying factors affecting the decline of the British bumblebee and ways to protect this vital pollinator.

Researchers use our vast collections to analyse the past, present and future diversity of the natural world. Your support allows us to continue this crucial research and maintain our collections for use by future generations. Donate to the Museum today and support our scientists’ vital research and help find answers to the questions that threaten society and the natural world.


Our mission is to engage society in scientific debate and discovery and to promote a better understanding of the origins, evolution and biodiversity of the natural world.

We offer our visitors the excitement of science through our unique collection of specimens, and through face-to-face interaction in our inspiring spaces.

We are in a unique position to utilise our collections and scientific expertise to inspire and train the next generation of scientists and curators.

Your help also means we can invest in exciting new technology to increase our digital presence and enable even greater access to our collections and scientific knowledge. Only with your help can we continue to deliver world class learning experiences.

Heritage conservation

Sir Hans Sloane gifted the basis of our collection to the nation in 1753. Since then, it has been our duty to protect it, develop it and provide access to it. The Waterhouse building in South Kensington first opened more than 250 years ago in 1881 and is now home to the largest and most important natural history collection in the world, containing nearly 80 million specimens. We also have the world’s finest and largest natural history library.

The preservation of every one of these specimens and books, as well as the building itself, requires rigorous care and attention and is extremely costly. Your support helps us to preserve this iconic and internationally recognised collection to be enjoyed by future generations.

Becoming a Donor

The Museum is extremely grateful to all its donors and supporters and ensures that all donations receive appropriate recognition.

Museum Membership, annual Patronage and Corporate Partnership are just some of the ways you can join the Museum community and give back to the natural world. To find out more please contact the Development Department on +44 (0)20 7942 5906 or email us.