How your support helps

Donors to the Natural History Museum support our vision to advance our knowledge of the natural world, inspiring better care of our planet. We inspire and promote the discovery, understanding and responsible use and enjoyment of the natural world.  

Our 2011-12 annual review details our current Museum supporters PDF (128.0 KB)

The Museum ensures that all generous donations are recognised appropriately. We thank everyone who has made a gift in support of the Museum and are extremely grateful to all our supporters. 

Corporate donors to the Museum's Annual Fund are recognised under the Museum's corporate giving programme and we recognise individuals who have made a planned or deferred gift through their wills, trusts or other estate gifts.

Heritage and conservation

The Natural History Museum first opened its doors to the public on Easter Monday in 1881, but its origins go back more than 250 years. Once described as a 'true temple of nature', the Museum is one of the most distinctive buildings in London, and houses over 70 million specimens. Your support helps the Museum conserve this iconic heritage, from the special terracotta ornaments and exotic ceiling panels to our wonderful collections in the galleries and behind the scenes. It contributes towards the Museum’s legacy for future generations.


We engage our visitors with authentic science in an exciting array of inspiring learning spaces, using our extensive collection of unique specimens and face-to-face learning opportunities. Our collections foster a passion for science and nature, igniting interest in the further study of science and nurturing the next generation of life and earth scientists. 

Your support helps us continue to build new and innovating learning programmes; develop new learning spaces and support community engagement, learning, participation and skills enhancement.

Science and research

The Museum is an international leader in the scientific study of the natural world. We have over 350 scientists who explore the rich variety of the natural world to encourage responsible use and interaction. Our research is organised around 6 major challenges covering topics such as biodiversity, evolution and the ecosystem. Our vast collections can help us with knowledge-based research, and allow us to understand the natural world’s past, present and future diversity. Your support helps us continue this crucial research and maintain our collections for future generations to enjoy and learn from.  

Become a donor

We depend on further support to continue our fantastic work. If you have an interest in a particular area or are just interested in finding out more about donor opportunities within the Museum, please can you email us.