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Family: Charopidae

SubFamily: Charopinae


24     *Ruthvenia biciliata (Pfeiffer 1855) image of Ruthvenia biciliata

25     *Ruthvenia caliginosa (Sykes 1898) image of Ruthvenia caliginosa

26     *Ruthvenia clathratula (Pfeiffer 1850) image of Ruthvenia clathratula (a)

image of Ruthvenia clathratula (b)

*Ruthvenia clathratula var. compressa (Sykes 1898)

image of R.clathratula var.compressa


27     *Thysanota elegans Preston 1909 image of Thysanota elegans

28     *Thysanota eumita Sykes 1898 image of Thysanota eumita

29     *Thysanota hispida Sykes 1898 image of Thysanota hispida

Superfamily: Clausilioidea

Family: Clausilidae

Subfamily: Phaedusinae


30     *Phaedusa ceylanica (Benson 1863) image of Phaedusa ceylanica

Superfamily: Gastrodontoidea

Family: Gastrodontidae


31      Zonitoides arboreus (Say 1816) (N) image of Zonitoides arboreus (a)

image of Zonitoides arboreus (b)

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